México-Ciudad Satélite-JMMP-Secundaria – 1B – Miss Flor

Artista Imágenes
Fecha 2022-12-09 07:32:56
Alumno Juan Ramón Bernal
Sueño My dream I think its be a professional football soccer player
Prompt professional footballer in a play raining, 4 k hd, high detail photograph, shot with sigma f / 4. 2, 2 5 0 mm sharp lens, wide shot, isometric view, volumetric lighting, reflection, high level texture render
Fecha 2022-12-09 07:35:29
Alumno Natalia Cortés Ávila
Sueño Estudiar animación para hacer mi propio manga y vivir en Japón
Dream Study animation to make my own manga and live in Japan
Prompt drawing of an anime girl face in a notebook, front view, pencil, charcoal
Fecha 2022-12-09 07:37:15
Alumno Miranda Flores Bonilla
Sueño My dream is to become a specialist in AI (artificial inteligency) and create something that is remembered
Dream My Dream is To Specialist In AI (Artificial Intellence) and Create Something that is remembered
Prompt mexico clockwork planet, realistic futuristic, 4 k highly detailed, in space, cyberpunk, 2150
Fecha 2022-12-09 07:38:40
Alumno Mateo Rodríguez Flores
Sueño Tener mi propio cuarto y tener una casa grande en una bonita zona
Dream Have my own room and have a large house in a beautiful area
Prompt a big beautiful Mexican house
Fecha 2022-12-09 07:40:43
Alumno Mónica Rodríguez
Sueño Ser una actriz famosa, vivir en una casa hermosa y tener mucho dinero para viajar por todo el mundo para conocer más lugares
Dream Be a famous actress, live in a beautiful house and have a lot of money to travel around the world to learn more places
Prompt goro fujita ilustration heerful mexican girl taking the suitcases out of her house, characterized by masamune shirow, by greg rutkowski., character art, sharp focus, highly detailed, artstation
Fecha 2022-12-09 07:43:43
Alumno Marylin González Santiago
Sueño Ser una persona independiente para contribuir económicamente con mis padres y poder viajar a Corea para conocer a mi ídolos los cuales se llaman BTS
Dream Be an independent person to contribute economically with my parents and be able to travel to Korea to meet my idols which are called BTS
Prompt ancient city ruins, shinto _ shrine, oil painting, 8 k, beautiful, golden light, highly detailed, smoothly, artstation, cinematic, by wlop, by greg rutkowski, by artgerm
Fecha 2022-12-09 08:04:49
Alumno Romina Carrillo García
Sueño Que esta navidad no haya niños que sufran en la calle y que haya unión y amor con toda mi familia
Dream That this Christmas there are no children suffering in the street and that there is union and love with my whole family
Prompt the last supper in a mexican restaurant, sombrero, ponchos, chips and salsa, tiny mexican flag poles, margaritas, by dan mumford, yusuke murata, makoto shinkai, ross tran, cosmic, heavenly, god rays, intricate detail, cinematic, 8 k, cel shaded, unreal engine, featured on artstation, pixiv
Fecha 2022-12-09 08:07:02
Alumno María Montaño Mendoza
Sueño Ser una mujer independiente, fuerte y reconocida por las personas con base en lo que hago, así también poder viajar por todo el mundo
Dream Being an independent, strong and recognized woman by people based on what I do, as well as being able to travel around the world
Prompt a young woman wearing a black jacket, white shirt and jeans, swimming in a pool of dollar bills, sharp focus, illustration, art by greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha'
Fecha 2022-12-09 08:11:00
Alumno Anais Sarabia Hernández
Sueño Vivir en Corea del Sur y conocer a grupos de K
Dream Live in South Korea and meet K groups
Prompt members of the kpop band exo as mobile legends heroes, 8 k, high definition, extremely detailed, photo – realistic
Fecha 2022-12-09 08:14:13
Alumno Valentina Aguirre Jaquez
Sueño My dream is to own an animals shelter specially for streetdogs, I also want to study in other country like Canada
Dream My Dream Is To Own An Animals Shelter Specially For Streetdogs, I Also Want To Study in Other Country Like Canada
Prompt fluffy tan pit bull, Xoloitzcuintle, chihuahua mix
Fecha 2022-12-09 10:58:16
Alumno Samantha Silva López
Sueño My dreams are to travel to London, getting enought money happiness and peace
Dream My Dreams are To Travel to London, Getting Enought Money Happiness and Peace
Prompt a widescreen photo of a old london double – decker bus in a dark alley, low light, by steve mccurry
Fecha 2023-01-30 00:00:00
Alumno Aguilar García Fernando Antonio
Sueño Ser Ginecologo
Dream Be a gynecologist
Prompt beautiful anime latin boy, wearing lab coat and glasses, holding a clipboard, standing inside a research facility, character portrait, 1 9 6 0 s, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by wlop, charlie bowater and alexandra fomina